Dev Chatterjee
One year ago
The meaning of India. India means "Be An Artist" (with a capital "A"). That means subscribing to a culture of Genius.

IN = make the journey within
DIA = light. lamp. illumination.
INDIA = Make the journey within and go be a Light unto the world.

But no one in India gives a flying fuck about Art or a culture of Genius. Haha How can they? It's full of poor people. Debt-slaving poor, miserable, ignorant, vulnerable and hyper-exploited self-centered people can only strive for one thing and one thing only: Trumpism.

It's only when you have a high quality of life (access to capital + high-quality education + high-quality healthcare) that you can subscribe to a culture of Genius and strive to be Artists.

No wonder India produces little to no Geniuses (but tons and tons and tons of slaves owned by a few third-world masters who, in turn, are even bigger slaves themselves). No wonder then that top to bottom in India is a culture of complete SLAVERY. Haha

Really the difference between a place like India (culture of slavery) versus say ... an NYC or Holland (culture of Genius).

Ironically, none of the hyper-Americanized (not in a good way) Idiot Indians with all their Ivy League degrees even quite grasp any of this. And if you do grasp all of this, but still fail to do anything about any of it with all your Ivy League "education", then you're probably an even bigger Idiot Indian than I declared you to be.

Hence the saying: India is poor. Because she is poor.

Now America and England have become like India. It has stopped producing Geniuses.

Only a rampant culture of third-world ultra-nationalist conservative-religious fascist SLAVERY.


Hence, my little quip:

The future is India (good and bad).